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    The Ole Seagull will readily admit that he didn't even know who the Eagles were when he went to do a review of the "Take It To The Limit Tribute to the Eagles" but, trust me, he does now! Eagle fan or not, no gimmicks here, just about two hours of great music, number after number, presented by one of the most talented energetic casts he has seen.

     A tribute to the Eagles from beginning to end.

For those who don't want to read a whole review here's the Ole Seagull's one paragraph review containing all that most folks will need to know about this show. Eagle fans will just love it. Why? Well according to one fan who said that he has seen the actual Eagles perform, "You could close your eyes and you could almost swear you were listening to the original." Those who are not familiar with the Eagles will enjoy this show because of the variety of music covered, the musicality and enthusiasm of the cast, and the unique blend of five part harmony, great solo singing, and instruments that is just a joy to experience.



    “Take It To The Limit – Tribute to the Eagles” will take you on a journey through over 30 years of classic music from America’s legendary artists the Eagles. The stage comes alive with their live concert performance.  They have gone through, what would have to be, painstaking sound exploration and development and it pays off!  These music makers sound exactly like The Eagles. And the vocals..including the unique Eagles blend, are spot on.  Two wings up on this one.






     Take it to the Limit gets my vote for show of the year, Take It To The Limit , in Branson, was , in a word, AWESOME!!!!!!!

Not knowing what to expect, and as an Eagles pro-fan,  I kept an open mind.  My backup plan included my son, and daughter in law, also Eagles fans, but with a more conservative expectation. We were blown away...and by every second of it.  

     I never thought anyone could do as good as the real Eagles, but I was very wrong. They are fantastic and what a bargain at a $28.00 ticket price!!  (Considering the $185 ticket prices for The real Eagles.) Take it to the Limit is definately worth seeing.



  Take it to the Limit is an incredible show with powerful harmonies, strong solo vocals, and superior musicianship.  The entire show is a tribute to Eagles music that will amaze you even if you are not necessarily an Eagles fan.  The talent on stage is captivating.  This is a perfect show for those who want to see something other than country, and because the Eagles did many crossover songs on the country charts, country music fans will enjoy this show as well.  Regardless of your genre preference, watching these talented artists, as they precisely project the Eagles sound and enthusiasm for their audience makes for a totally enjoyable afternoon.

   The God & Country Theatre has spacious seating with the most comfortable seats in town that rock and have cup holders.  Great popcorn is available and the theatre is handicap accessible.